Qt3D Reference Documentation

Qt3D for Scripting 3D Apps in QML

The following QML elements are provided by the Qt3D namespace for importing 3D elements into QML applications:

QML BillboardItem3D Element

The BillboardItem3D will always face toward the viewer.

QML BillboardTransform Element

The BillboardTransform item implements a transformation that causes objects to face the camera.

QML Camera Element

The Camera item defines the viewing position and projection for a 3D scene.

QML Effect Element

The Effect item defines simple effects within the QML/3D environment. Examples of such effects include textures, simple material and lighting effects, and so on.

QML Item3D Element

The Item3D item encapsulates 3D objects and contains all of the properties and methods needed for simple 3D operations. part of a QML/3d script.

QML Light Element

The Light item represents the parameters of a light in a 3D scene.

QML LightModel Element

The LightModel item defines the lighting model to use for the scene.

QML LookAtTransform Element

The LookAtTransform item implements a transformation that causes objects to face the camera.

QML Material Element

The Material item describes material properties for OpenGL drawing.

QML Mesh Element

The Mesh item provides a means of abstracting 3D mesh and geometry representations in a way that can be used in QML. The Mesh class contains necessary properties and methods for display and manipulation of 3d objects of this type.

QML QDeclarativeView3D Element

The QDeclarativeView3D replaces the QDeclarativeView for applications using OpenGL.

QML Qt3D Element

The QML global object Qt3D provides useful functions for 3D applications.

QML Rotation3D Element

The Rotation3D item supports arbitrary rotation around an axis in 3D space.

QML Scale3D Element

The Scale3D item supports scaling of items in 3D.

QML ShaderProgram Element

The ShaderProgram item is derivative class of the more general Effect class in QML/3d. Whereas the Effect class provides support for standard effects under OpenGL, the ShaderProgramEffect supports effects based on custom shader programs for the GPU.

QML Skybox Element

The Skybox item provides a simple 6-texture environment.

QML Translation3D Element

The Translation3D item supports translation of items in 3D.

QML Viewport Element

The Viewport item defines the logical viewport for a 3D scene. It includes all necessary references and parameters for the contents of the scene, as well as drawing and painting functions

See the Teapot example for an introduction to using these elements.

Qt3D also provides some stock shapes in the Qt3D.Shapes namespace as convenience elements.